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Collective Care: Past Events

The first of our virtual collective care series: Hear and Heal Us for the Black Community.

As therapists, we have witnessed the psychological effects of the murder of George Floyd and Breonna's Taylor's on the UK diaspora. In moments of high-stress situations, we are likely to respond from a place of trauma. The pain and trauma experienced can have a lasting impact on our wellbeing and day to day life. While many articles and resources have been made available to support non-black people on anti-racism work, there has been less material shared to help guide, support and validate our experiences (Rennalls, 2020).

Our story throughout history tells us that we are survivors and resilient beings. What is painted in the media powerfully overshadows the narratives of WHO WE ARE as people beyond the suffering and hardship. This hinders our capacity to tap into our resources, strengths and individual/collective acts of resistance.

Hear Us & Heal Us aims to create a safe space to heal together, think about our collective resilience and our need to care for each other as Black people. We strongly believe that this expertise exists within the community; sharing our lived experiences, stories of overcoming and connecting with each other has the incredible power to heal.

We will begin by drawing energy from our visions & values, rather than from our wounds.

What you can expect:

- Unapologetically black space!

- An hour and half of reflection, facilitated discussions and guided activities

- Intimate small group discussions 

- Learning from each other and valuing our lived experiences

- A nourishing space to celebrate and (re)connect with our identity, values and principles


If you are interested in booking the Breaking Mad team for the above service, please get in touch to discuss our fees and pricing. 

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