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Our collective care spaces are designed to bring members of the black community together to heal from years of systemic oppression, the pandemic of racism, rife inequality, constant attacks on the psyche and historical wounds of intergenerational trauma.


We believe that collective trauma can be resolved through collective healing. We emphasise the importance of taking care of ourselves and each other through the power of dialogue and bearing witness to our lived experiences.


Each session has a topical focus on issues such as mental health, racism, microaggressions, religion, intra/intercultural differences and the intersections between these factors. Collective care is not just about surviving day-to-day but enabling attendees to grow by connecting with the narratives of strength and overcoming.


Our outreach model is premised on the idea of debunking the notion of ‘hard-to-reach’ populations. We build the bridge of trust alongside communities by promoting mental health and wellbeing in their social and cultural context(s).


Our events are powered by insight and knowledge from multi-disciplinary professionals, moving accounts from experts by experience and the unrivalled participation from the community.


Creating a safe and nurturing environment is important to us; we fuse aspects of African and Caribbean culture into our events to ensure our programme is curated with the values of the community at heart.



We partner with organisations that share our vision of breaking down barriers and bringing change in the sphere of mental health. We bring a personal and professional lens to our work to ensure that we tailor the support provided to your organisational needs.

We have experience in holding reflective spaces and training centred on promoting mental health and wellbeing for partners, staff, colleagues and students. With multiple strands to our consultation model,  we are also able to provide one-off consultations or long-term pieces of work depending on the request and requirements of the referral.

If you are interested in booking the Breaking Mad team for any of the above services, please get in touch to discuss our fees and pricing. 

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